Andrew Nikou, an online inclusion hub that encourages widespread use of socially inclusive practices, was launched in the summer of 2021.  The online hub promotes a vibrant, diverse, vigorous exchange of ideas about how we, individually and collectively, can focus on inclusivity as we emerge from and navigate through this pandemic. is the collection of voices from leading experts, educators, and public figures all striving to bring about sustained behavioral change.

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Andrew Nikou Foundation launched IncludrPod in early November 2021 as its latest offering and the official podcast from This podcast features conversations between host Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, experts, academics and everyday people to guide those ready to do the work required to create a culture where we can all show up as our most authentic and fullest selves.

Both and IncludrPod are designed with the intention to accompany readers and listeners on their journey to discover, harness and deepen their daily practice of inclusion.

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